I can breathe again

Here I sit with you at my back as the ocean roars at my feet and I want nothing more than to touch your tender sweet lips. Brush a’side the hair from your resting eyes and watch as my beautiful angel sleeps. Never have I known so quickly my place as when I first saw your face. This gentle knight and protecor of hearts gives grace to this gift from gods hands. A choice was made for me so many thousands of years ago. To where and when and how and why. Free will may lead mans motivies but truly is out path our own?. Or does such guidence find our way and give us that red thread of hope.

To paint and write. To live a life of passionate grace is no failure if given purpose and point. Direction and pupose of faith, love and hope to the world. My angel rests at my back as the waves crash at my feet. The slow moon sighs as he kisses her goodbye perhaps another day if blessings that be she will come to him as he would to she. With her knight at her back and the waves at her feet sleep gentle sweet angel this gift is for you.


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