Watch “Marvins Room (Explicit)” and I wrote some stuff about the day . b 

It’s been the kind of day I’m really really glad of ly happen every 5-6 years. What a fucking nightmare. Insurance review with an independent Dr. This guy’s f’ing name on the door was held on by TAPE.. I actually told him I’m completely uncomfortable with this office,procedure and validity of what’s happening here.  The guys was an OT no offence to the occupational therapist of he world. Loves you ❤ but this guy was a fucking quack from hell cereal box doc. No foreknowledge of my very very complex medical history.  Me disabled especially in my iAdls area there alone trying to catch Dr Franken fuck up on 8 years of Parkinson’s disease and then explain the cancer and chemo damage on top……… I’m thinking  the whole time are you fucking kidding me??? I can’t even remember what happened yesterday half the time what day it is or if I’ve eaten that day….. let’s just say FUCK MY NERVES ARE DONE. Time to crawl under a rock and forget. I think at one point I actually looked straight at the guy and said “do you know fucking anything about Parkinson’s disease? ” Yeah I don’t think he appreciated that one 😲😧 anyhow there you go my day…

Cheers Benjamin.  Never give up on your dreams. 2017 #myshakylife 


2 thoughts on “Watch “Marvins Room (Explicit)” and I wrote some stuff about the day . b 

  1. Christ! What a shitty day, my friend. How do these guys actually get work? At the VERY least everyone with a medical condition deserves a review by a doctor who KNOWS the condition… 😮
    Or better still – no review at all… just carefree, free medical care…
    What a shit show. Hope tomorrow brings better your way… ❤ xx


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