Midnight muse

I find you here after so many years gone bye. I first came here for answers in the ethers of the night sky whilst running scared from a future yet made. A path i now feel somehow always connected to. Though time clearly runs short. I can see the fear in their eyes. I have a growing awareness of self and lack of self symotaneously. I see my path so clearly but i can’t hear the tonal inflection of my own voice. Or find the sands between the sands
These trials of faith,friend,family and foe have truly exhausted this body and mind. Tis with midful wisdom i bare the grief of my sins, a cross i shall always carry. It is with this weight i hope to spend my end days in only good grace of God,nature and science. In love with love to be loved and give of it freely. This life for me has nothing if i have nothing to give and it is with these last words i close my eyes and dream of a life free of pain, loss and regret. A weightless dream of hope soaring high above all…

The end.


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