Half ryhme half reason

I find humor in watching the animals scramble for blood now that I’ve decided to stop feeding them.

Finally heading towards the light I’ve kept burning since a child, freedom for my soul. Someday to break the chains of this mortal coil and be free. A lass I’m still tethered here by burdensome fate plauged by harpies and succubus. Hollow humans ready to swallow any life but their own.

I no longer choose to play their rules in my house. This thrown was given to me i did not take it. It was earned with greats works of human kindness, labours tasks and great unimaginable human loss. So I will not backdown. I will no longer lay victim hypocratus and preach freedom yet live a life of hell and sorrow daily… Even if it costs my life i will be a free soul. I will find a resting place in this life. I have found peace in life stealing cancer that ravaged my body and mind. I have found peace in the disfiguring torments of mind and body that Parkinson’s disease presence daily, hour by hour minute by minute. It is to late for me to explain the details of this life for words slip through scatter thoughts faster than these shaky hands can catch.

I find humor in watching the animals scramble for blood now that I’ve desided to stop feeding them. How long before they consume themselves and how long before they consume me. I live in fear and distrust of every word i say in this poisenous home yet nobody will let me fly for fear i am to weak, which i am but i fear this weakness is here to stay.. In my life with Parkisons I’ve never known it to give anything back that it takes.

The end.

Benjamin -2017

“A life in Progress.”


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