Sharp words kill me

I have you by the small coat tails you give.. The crunbs the others dont eat i lick from the floor of your attentions. Given just enough to stay loyal and waiting you bait and wait.

Ive given and waitied. Said all the right sounds left my heart open, bare and raw. Bleeding from every pore yet you toss me aside at your convience. Worss cause disconnect and discord. I sweep them away. Ignore your pokes and jabs. But why why hury the one who loves you most? Just so you can feel better about your dishonor? My eyes and heart see and feel the words you dont say. The lies you have to weave to live that life.. It must be hard for you…

4am rant about nothing… Nothing but my heart breaking against mean words as you fade away…. Good morning my love sleep well.



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