Words and thoughts at dawns edge.

I find it humors as a person who feels a great deal. As person who sees beyond the veil of the 9-5 Micky mouse, happy ending christmas dinner with family perception of life how in this grand adventure of life we so often fail to truly live. Holding grudges, pushing buttons on machines and ppl alike just to see what happens. Life….. Is it really life that is so difficult or is the way we as humans choose to live in it that makes it hard…? Why do we as a species struggle so hard on a earth that was made for us? A place that if all of stopped the machines and rampant madness for one moment maybe just maybe if we all listened with our hearts we could hear mothers song once again and breath hope back into our mad world.

553am pst

Words and thoughts at dawns edge.

Benjamin.2017. “Be brave, be bold and thrive in the life you have.”©2012


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