Thoughts a bit of ramble

When is to much enough and when and who,how do we decide when that is. How much of this life is given to us and how much is taken?

Or is it all just pointed wishes. How does one cut through the fog of life to truly see ones calling and manifest this vision into reality..?

All such ponderous thoughts this morning as i watch the nature show in my backyard. These days of summer have all become grey as a state of emotion i fear.

Looking back in a moderatly detached reflection. Things have been basically hellish for nearly a year now, possibly more. Certainly more if we count the circus of chaos my life has become since my diagnosis of Parkinson’s Disease in 2011. Yesterday i had the displeasure but highly cathartic and nessasary visit with my neuropsycologist. A person, a woman whom I trust deeply with my more horrid and painful truths of truths. Things i will only ever write about. The things that only a person with a great deal of study and experience would or could even begin to understand the depths of which i speak. The things i try so desprately to express through my paint and my prose. “Phew, takes a breath.” So yeah my “shrink 😂” thank god for her and that practice.

Music break🎧🎤🎧

Right then im off to paint and do laundry. Today is a selfcare day as most of the week was spent at the doctors. *lil reality check; i go to a medical facility 3-4 days a week every week. Cancer recovery plus parkinson disease = pain in my ass lol.

Much love and light and as always.

Benjamin-2017 #myshakylife

“Be brave, be bold and thrive in the life you have.”©2012

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