This and forever more

In to this heart I’ve poured more dust than sunshine over the years, more coal than diamonds a sand storms of soulful woe and heartache.

Into this heart does the demon of hurt and regrett live deep deeper than any human should have to bare. A horrid monster indeed, such hate lay seeded in this heart of the hollow man. Raging hate for this form I’ve become,. a monster of fate and the wicked wicked hands of the devil him self.

Rage harder! This soul shall! Forever more rage against this darkness… This demon of hate that rips the light from the day before a weeping child..I shall not give heed to this darkness anymore for it has darkned this soul enough. I shake with the earth not against it.. Here this heart cry out in pain and woefully joy to rejoice in each day as if were his last…… As Forever do the ravens sing in bliss as this day turns to knight.

The end..

Benjamin-2017 #myshakylife

“Be brave,be bold and thrive in the life you have.”


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