Letters unwritten

Times in this life have grown so weary upon my heart as life bleeds out. Im tired so far beyond what these words could ever express. In any tongue you chose there is no easy way to say…… I fear for hopes heart.

How to express the hollow mans heart when everything he touches turns to dust. There is no soloace in the night when the echos of the dead out number those of the living. I sleep with ghosts with a mind on fire as the ethers of Avalon call me home for this body crumbles.. 

I weep like a child torn from his mother grasp again and again and again, crushed upon the floor… why break this heart of gold, why tarnish with tears like rivers flow into the tides of my life. Such small deaths to recover the butterfly kings heart and soul… 
This knight is done i can fight no more…… i have left my amour on the floor. By the door…. no more…i tuly have lost my heart and soul. I wished for family and lost it.. i wished for passion and it burned me….. then i wished for nothing and sadly it found me as well.

The still darkness of nothingness.. Void of heart, light, passion or love… Yet it to embraces in its nothingness as one falls into darkness for an eteriny one becomes the darkness, in its soul and hollow man heart… The dust…. I cant get the dust out of my eyes… 

Pardon me for my sins. It has been million years since my last confession.
B-2017                                     “A life in progress.” 


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