Where does one begin..?

Where does one begin to tell the story of what it is like to slowly watch your body and mind fade away…?

A story that twists and turns through a lifetime of love and loss.

A lifetime of fear and confusion, of always feeling either empty inside or

overwhelmed by  the colors, textures and sounds of our world. Feeling

every color and tasting every sweet drop of sound as if a symphony of

texture and light sang just for me.

Then the darkness of knowing…. Of listening to deeply… Of feeling things to deeply

And the crushing fear and pain that comes with it.

My dear sweetest  friends of the ether nets and those

whom I’ve been blessed to have known thank you for

your part in this journey we’ve taken together. I fear it will not end well

for me but I’m forever grateful to have moments of clarity to

share the beginning of the beginning of the end of Me.

Chapter One: The who’s, what’s and whys of it all.

A passage of time through my life with Young onset Parkinson’s Disease

battle with metastic cancer and trying ones hardest to THRIVE in the face of it all.


I cherish you all so dearly. 

Benjamin ~ 2017 “A life in progress.”

“Be brave, be bold and thrive in the life you have.”


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