Happy Fathers day

Pardon my grief. 


5 thoughts on “Happy Fathers day

  1. You, know, the first few Fathers Days after my own passed weren’t too bad. Just another date on the calendar. As time has passed, however, it seems to hit harder each year… almost a mocking of something missing. Silly really, my resenting the happiness of children choosing, invariably ridiculous, sarcastic, or pointless gifts which the marketing people have deemed appropriate for recognising the father-child bond. With no children of my own, the day has become one highlighting loss, rather than the celebration that I (probably) once assume it is meant to be. Of course, had we remained inured to the siren call of marketeers, we may have continued to celebrate the relationship throughout the year, rather than focus everything on a single day of profligacy…
    Big {{{Hugs}}}, dear friend. You are not alone!

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    • Thank my bear friend. My heart is so heavy here. All the things we once worked for are gone. If ruined,broken,tested and pushed to far. The weight of my father and the distance of my son crush my soul with guilt and remorse. Hows and whys what could i as a man,father and friend have done better to avoid these heart breaks and bad choices in my life.? Slowly with any heavnly grace i can start to rebuild. These days im not even sure i want to end my dats stateside. Loss and grief are heavy coats that im not surw a care to wear anymore. Take care you and Mrs. Are always on my mind.

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      • {{{Hugs}}} Know you are enough, dear friend.
        Not sure how the logistics works, but your room awaits. ❤ xx


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