Body Parts..part 1 of many

Good morning. Please come in its been a while since I’ve opened my doors here.  The following is going to be a series of short and possibly long random bits of thoughts that have been building for some time. I’ll try to pause or indicate when I’m transitioning between streams. Otherwise hold on pay attention and enjoy the ride. 


Into this night most fantastical my mind drifts, twists and turn to places and faces I’ve known before. They are all just ghosts of past lives and people I never really knew. These longings never filled thirst left dry and unquench. Never left filled to satisfy. Every nerve a blaze as though electeic fire light cascaded with hellish flame licking the souls soul clean of vicious remorse and disgust. These are the demons that blaze with me each night.~fin.

Each night i remove the stiches from this broken heart. The unhealed bits i watch as they hit floor. Thinking do i have dog… Doesn’t matter nobody wants bits of a broken toy used and cast a side. Forever to be used. Milked for lifes adventures then forgotten about time and time and time again. tbc


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