On my way. A life change and growth

Have you ever wished something that came true. Or had a thought that somehow founds its way into fruition. Some would say luck or coincidence. I on the other hand am a hige believer in positive manifestations im this world. Ergo I am therefore I am. This world and our stuff. It’s all connected simply said the universal building blocks of life are the same in everything. A things final shape is based on a series of instructions scientifically speaking. Well it is my belief that we can bring things into our lives by visual and spiritually seeing it as fact in your life. It will take time to achieve the desired level of manifestation but i do believe it to be true. When i had cancer and all the treatments the only way i was going to survive that was to convince my mimd and body that i was. I am therefore I am. One thought everyday all the time under everything else one thought. Fuckcancer not now not today do gonna happen. And guess what. No cancer. Yes i took medical marijuana in many scientific forms and massive radiation and chemotherapy. But the point is. Your mind, my mind if given the chance can and will do amazing things. Just like anything else in this life. Practice, study and experience. Rinse and repeat until mastered. Right then enough of that. Im riding the shuttle up to Portland Airport, flying down to Sacramento Ca retrieving my cousin and her the driving home. I’m blessed to have family brave enough to come stand by my side during this time of my life. Advancing Parkinson’s disease and trying desperately to recover from cancer. Well it’s time to focus on the day arriving shortly at the Airport. Sre my Instagram or Facebook to catch the adventures.

All my love. Benjamin 2017.               “Be brave be bold and thrive in the life you have.”Β©2012


5 thoughts on “On my way. A life change and growth

  1. Go for it Benjamin! It’s motivating to read and be reminded of the power of mind and will. Us humans are more capable than we think. I hope CA treats you well πŸ™‚

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