In memory of Dad.

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My Father.. One of the coolest guys I knew. Not much of a Dad but he was great for advice and a joint lol in the end he was one of my best friends 😪😪😪. He could run further than just about everyone on this planet (true factual statement) and was an ass kicking black belt. I can take credit for that. Starting with me all of the boys and Dad took #Aikido for many many years. 👊🙏Ooss. Finally 10 years after his death i can say my father was a good man who tried his hardest Was an amazing athlete and Artists. I could never blame the man for that. Over and out. Benjamin Micheal son of John and father of Andersen. #Friend to many. I was named after the 13th tribe of benjamin in the old testament. Micheal for the #Arche #Angel and Prewitt because i had no choice lol. #myshakylife #10years #sorrow #loss #heartache #healing #growth #strongereveryday #fighttonightready #restinpeacedad

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My brothers and I ❤❤❤ miss these guys. Moved away 😞 

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