There once was a heart 

There was once a heart that beat in this chest. Strong and brave fearful of only heartache and loneliness. Then came the darkness. It chased the living and dead from my sides. Clear fields of nothing but darkness for all that could be seen. The nothing was everything and everything nothing just the darkness and I, until you joined me. Eachday as my sun would rise I’d wake to find you there. Then when the demons pulled me deeper you still came for me, found me under the rubble of my past and forgave, cleansed me of guilt and offered a waybout of the darkness…

Then came the end both silent and swift. They took your hand right before me as i lay in waste  and wanten confusment, lost in the misunderstanding and half truths id conceived pure to only to find bound in lines so old they ment nothing. Proof of fault and guilt bubbled from lips once cherished and  I saw your crown fall to the ground of your lovers lovers lover and I choose not to play. For once in my life I’m not wrong but this burdensome choice comes again with an even greater loneliness. As the ring gets smaller; Time and I have a fickle love as he reminds me that this shell is only borrowed bones to which the lease is near due. And I remind he that time is not me nor bound to it shall I be. Ah yes dear boy so it is that you can see. But never the less this flesh belongs to me. 

The End.

B.24/5/17 *7 days to go.

-7/+10 crushed my soul never again. 

“My robot is broken.”

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