Simple beauty

There are so many distractions in this world. Cars,buses and crowded sidewalks. Cell phones and wifi reaching world wide. Everything made important when often honestly though upsetting will have no real impact upon my or your lives. Yet we take it all in and let our subconscious mind work it all out.. No wonder everyone has some “thing” wrong with them. Really, I’m in self judgment here too if anything so no worries. With kids, life, work life,home life, social life 😂😂 you get my point….. Peoples are busy..So hold the F up and breathe slow gentle and deep breathes. Think of your favorite flower. Its curve and form. Its bouquet and gentle nuance.

In the land of flowers I’ve know many. Some classic and regal as the deepest rose while others as delicate as the morning dew. From the exotic to the erotic so many to choose from. For me there will always only be one. One true perfect flower. She is delicate yet strong and resilient. Simple but with the grace and ellagence of a dancer. For this to me is “Simple Beauty”

Benjamin.  2017.                                      “A life in progress.”

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