Ode to spring fairies trapped in winters heart.

There was a whisper In the wind once with your name upon it.

But it seems to have settled amongst the tall grass where the children used to play.

Such a bright light as you found me. So far down in the darkness alone, but with only the smallest candle of hope. With patience and tender care i climbed from the darkness one horrific night eternal night at a time.

How careless of you to break my heart. Does a crown of thorns not hurt upon ones burdened back of laborous day in and day, oh tarnished and tired we must be of the game to once again face our deeds undone or forever hold our snaked tongue. 

Quite….. Oh silence such quizzical thoughts..be.. Absence does not make the heart grow founder it makes it wander and hide like a fogetten child. Broken souled warrior left beaten and half dead forevermore to walk this penatent mans leg race to hell. Whilst bodies feeble and weak crumble under the weight of your actions… Sighs….. deeply, the sea of remorse and poetic endings. Of flowers and wishes and misspent kisses of forget me nots and little pink roses……

Ode to spring fairies trapped in winters heart.

* please pardon the ramblings of a poetic painter as this was written in one sitting flash word vomit im done. 


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