In love and bloodlines. Thoughts by. Mr.b

I will not use my human voice today.
For i have nothing good to say. I’ve written of heartache and woeful woes. Told tales bodies broken and a mind so lost in itself it wanders between flickers of light and colours you can’t even see. 

I will not speak today because of  the evil that betrays my heart. The childish desires of home and family lost. I told myself never to want again after she left and after i left or they left or you left… At this point they’ve all gone havent they? More lost than found these days in love and bloodlines. This heart breaks under uncertainty and stories half told. Truths complicated by tears of denial and absent mindedness of acceptable behaviour. Such is life of wounded warrior. I never ment to do bad, i was just to lost to ask for help so here i will lay in this self-made coffin of nails and weep wiith the angels one kadt time before this darkness consumes me whole. Take no pity for these words of folly and pretense are but the making of mad man whos heart is lost in time, in love and bloodlines.

A story by benjamin. 2017.


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