Mafestation of light

The words below get lost and weave there way so please excuse their wandering ways.b.

A brighter day will come and I will be there to see it. To grab ahold and thrive in its light. There will come a day when the paint will flow and the words will spill in black and white for the world to see. As i ask the univeres to grant me the gift of paint and prose to feel through these things the truths that bind us as and break our hearts. Moments in time recreated that give fire to passions lost and hope to broken souls and wounded warriors of faiths dogma.

I ask of the universe to simply watch over a guild me in these time of change. Help guild my actions each moment of each day so to reflect the man I dream of becoming. I embrace the manifestion of light in my life and pledge to return it ten fold as we the kind of this earth embrace in goodness and clarity of what we offer the world and by doing slow slowly erase the negativity of this world.

The ramblings of loss and hope. Darkness and light, dreams, fears and the belief that one person can change the world inyo a beyter place for all.


B-2017 ” a life in progress.”


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