April 13 2017

First I’d like to say thank you for your kindness, love and support the last six months have been a living hell  but our hard work paid off.. all your love ,prayers and universal promise has worked as of today the 13/4/2017 I am in remission. 

Thank you.

Benjamin. 2017 I’ll post more soon but I’m literally on my way to Portland to OHSU.  Parkinson’s disease Marches on but I’ll never give up,  I never have and never will.❤❤❤


21 thoughts on “April 13 2017

  1. I’m so thrilled you’re in remission. 😀 My own struggle has been ratcheted up a level as I have heart problems on top of everything else and got lost in the system so having to chase up before my breathlessness turns to no breath at all! Big hug from the Isle of Wight. x

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