Today is a day of budgets and balance sheets.
A day of measure and scale.
A time to reconscile a life well lived.
Today is a day so full of fear and uncertainty that it springs from my very eyes like desert oasis.

Today I ponder all outcomes as I frantically search for methos or madness to fill my well of thoughts. Such weight crushing in its nature of relentless desire…

Today has one name and overwhelming is her verse.

Today I search my soul for balance and a calm that only nature and music can provide. or 

Perhaps it’s the music of nature and the universal breath of life that my heart yearns to feel again to join in one with the life unknown.

Today is Limbo masked in a smile and a clean shirt freshly, showered and scented for the day. Today I breath life onto this body in fear each will be my last, everthing once known gone, changed forevermore….

Today…I’m afraid that I’m waiting to hear that I’m dying instead of living beyond my fear of the unknown… Simply missing the moment..

Benjamin M Prewitt
“A life in progress.”


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