Writers write and Painters paint. Part:796

Into what final breath I wonder so often would be the words I’d say to this world of mankind gone mad on power, money, greed and excess.?

These thoughts of next plague me as I try so desperately to see the face I to that exists now right here today and today only. How I have lived so often in the future or pasted. …. tears roll gentle of time lost…but now here ,now is scary and monstrously known to the depths of which only my nightmares have imagined. 

They say it’s normal these feelings all part of the process of of life and healing. Then why does it feel like I’m slipping away?
Writers write and Painters paint and every lie has a taste of truth As every truth has side unspoken. ….

Mr.B ~ 2017 


4 thoughts on “Writers write and Painters paint. Part:796

  1. You’re an artist Benjamin you feel things deeper, things have more meaning to you that to some other people. This is a difficult time it’s bound to resonate with your ‘dark side’. Give yourself time, it’s not over yet xx

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