Expressions of gratitude 

Here as I wake in safety of my house, 3am and I’m reminded of my conditions as they course through my body,mind and soul. I take a large breath and  begin my day; and I’m thankful, grateful to be alive. Sure I have cancer and yes Parkinson’s disease will take my life and mind before I thought it may 46 years ago. But you know it’s okay,  I want very little in this life anymore, to spend time with my son, to paint ,travel and write. Simply to be alive at this moment in time is enough. This body is wrecked with pain everyday. This mind so full every second of every moments moment.  Yet I have my life and so much more. Please I hope all of reading  this take away one thing from this. Live each day to its fullest. Plan for the future but live for the day. Experience it as deeply as you know how. Listen to people but follow your heart. Try not to judge others but do judge yourself for you are the only one truly accountable for your actions and behaviors.  Love,laugh and live eachday as of it was your next to last and when the final time comes you’ll be ready.  Today I live peace and gratis I wish the same for you and yours.

Much love and light. Benjamin 2017 “A life in progress.”

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