Some mornings

Some mornings, I don’t want to be me. Some mornings, I fear of the day that’s coming to be. Some days I wake. Wander and Ponder some days. I wake and I can see no yonder for tomorrow’s forbidden today I must say, that’s some days never come it’s always today.

I live in fear as my arm grow weaker. Some mornings are hard when the pain gets so great, that the lord i will seek, with mounted emotions and renewed devotion. Please take away these quakes and these shakes.. Some mornings are hard when this body does fight,it twists and it turns with all of its might .Muscles that grip at nothing in sight, gripping so hard with all of their might. Keeping awake all of the knight….

Some mornings I sit and wonder if I have the strength to be that kind of guy. That fights everyday angaist a body that struggles to do simple things like take the next step. For chemicles lacking has become such a thing, that making decisions a bell doesn’t ring to say which is right or the wrong thing.

Some mornimgs are hard when I must simply be…….Me.


“A life in progress.” 2017

© 2017

20 thoughts on “Some mornings

  1. I won’t say cheer up… it’s more than ok to give voice to your feelings, no matter what those feelings are. All of us are a tangled mess of darkness and light, ying and yang…it’s what makes us who we are. I don’t know if I would have the fortitude to conduct myself with the courage, strength and faith that you have Ben. You are a freaking hero in my book my friend. Wishing you a peaceful, pain free as much as possible. Be well. 🙂

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    • Thank you so very much. Managing these process of cancer and Parkinson’s disease without a partner or everyday friend is hard. But eachday I believe still has the chance to be the best day of my life. So i fight

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  2. Although it saddens me knowing your situation, I am still in awe of your ability to verbalize your experiences in writing and releasing through your art.

    Hugs my friend!

    Debbie Wilson aka Gma

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    • I hope you are doing well my friend. Has it been two weeks yet 😂😂😂 i start going back ro my neuropsycologist on Friday. Hopefully that will help me get some things in my head straight. Much love.


    • It because of you and those like you that through your prayers and support that I am able to find the strength to carry on. Please know I am humbled and forever thankful for your kindness. Truly. Benjamin


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