Even the sunset… Fades away in time…

**Be warned not all that enter will remain the same from wence they came..

It is in the darkest of these hours that I find strength in smallest of things. The simple warmth of my blanket and gentle crackle of the fire. Here is where the tears stop and start like waterfalls. Where I can let go of the dreams I used to have. It’s the only way I know how to make it.

These hands shake more than used to.This cancer has challeged me in ways I never imagined. Driven my friends and family from me, made me angry. It has tested my physical and emotional levels of pain and patience, tolerance and temperament past there limits of rebound without damage.

Today I am weak in heart, body, mind and spirit. **When a man loses everything besides the body he has been given and that too withers in front of his very eyes…. the sunsets have become so much more beautiful and with each dawns daybreak its rise more dismal. Yet alass each night I know the darkness of loss and grief I feel will match the darkness  that stands before me, somewhere in time I must have broken a million mirrors.

The End. 

Benjamin. 2017.                   “A life in progress.”


7 thoughts on “Even the sunset… Fades away in time…

  1. No, I don’t like but… it seems lifetimes since we met in this twisted light. I always hear you tho we’ve never met. I do wish I could make you coffee in your sturdiest mug, a few scones, hot soup and bread for supper. Chocolate cake… I think in time your strength will return but for this medium, I grow weary and irritated by the randomness and the way people so insanely come and go. It is not human … human like to be so lightly here, you know. Yes I know you do.

    Well it is me again, always wandering in the moonlight no matter the endless rain. Alright already, enough with it! xxx ❤️🐲

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  2. No one can be super human 24/7…It’s human to question and rage against the unfairness and injustice that life often dispenses, to lament all the loss and pain that sucks the hope and strength from our heart and spirit. To persevere under these circumstances is nothing short of heroic. I know I’ve said it before, but it’s worth repeating…You are a hero Ben, never forget it! And while it certainly won’t get any easier…I know you have the strength and spirit to carry on.

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