Welcome to the club.. Cancer, Parkinson’s and life updates.

Hi, it’s nice to see you again . Won’t  you please come in, it’s been a while since we’ve had a chance to sit and talk like this. Some music perhaps?https://youtu.be/_mVW8tgGY_w

Where should I start..I guess everthing really went to shit in June of last year but in hindsite pretty much all of 2016 sucked. As far as catching everyone up to the events I’ll be brief and detailed all at once. First a quick timeline to bring us both uo to relatively recent cancer stuff.

July 2016:Long term gf Ms.K and I have a very ugly and public break-up.

July and part of August 2016: I retreat to Portland and stay with some friends ultimately not being able to work things out with Ms.K

Aug-Sept-Octish 2016:
Im moving forward with life.I’ve moved back home (Rural house)and started dating Mrs.E her and I have a great thing going then in steps Ms.K this is where things get complicated. I admit probably not my best choice but PD makes planning and executive functions virtually non existent. I let Mrs.E know up front that K. Reached out,I didn’t expect it and I’ve unresolved feelings for Ms.K and i need to honor where those come from before or if I’m to continue with Mrs.E. Well as you can imagine this goes over NOT GOOD and meanwhile Ms.K is totally blowing me off, lol. Story of my life. Except this time I lost both the girls and a friend.
Now we come to the end of October.
October 31 2016: I have my family doctor look in detail at my throat. Not surprisingly to me we order a biopsy.
November 3rd: I go see Dr.D and he cuts a chunk of my neck out the size of a childs large marble and says “We’ll call you, soon.”

November 5 2016:
I’m diagnosed with inoperable squamous sarcomas cancer stage 3 Oraphangle cancer. Ive 2 tumors in my throat, a bad but not matastic lymph node and two tiny spots on my lungs. Phew try saying that 4 times quick.
After a brief announcement period and a ton of best wishes I find myself walking to the first day of Chemotherapy alone. This one simple act was to define my life for the next 10 weeks and possibly forever.

November 20/2016:
Today I start 1 of 30 sessions of Radition treatment. Then weekly infusions of a highly toxic and problematic chemotherapy drug called Cisplatin. Im later to find just how nauseous a human can get. 😡😯😷.
Fast forward time to:
January 25th. Im finishing up almost 10 weeks of treatment I’ve lost nearly 60# and have 2-3 degree radiation burns on the inside of my mouth an throat. Suprisingly I find the next 2 weeks even worse as the doctors all warned me about ,but you cant really explain what “worse” is after someone has just been through what I’d been through. But he was right the pain was out of control. All I can say is the worst strep throat I’d ever had compared not even in the same league.

So then we come to aftercare. Funny right where was the care in the first place you might ask. Who was there with you for hours of sickness? Who helowed you gain your strength back or stayed up with you all those worry filled nights.?? Nobody?? Well thats not true, my Aunt and my biological Mom came up to help on week 4 of 10. And Allison,Dena,Shelly,Jerry and Joey came over. Nobody was here each day besides my carer who took me to and from my treatments and the store, all of these people and more I’m indebted to. Some far more than others. While the majority of my “Friends” chose the much more passive support of Facebook to simply wish well. I suppose thats all well and good. It really did showed me to what extent my friendships hold deep. Some I though I had a much deeper bond with than I really do. Others I found to have a much deeper bond and respect for than I knew. So I guess in the sceme of lifes Karma all is a wash as they say. Though I have to admit I was suprised to find that whom I could count on was far more different than I would have anticipated.

I recently found out that my landlord isn’t going to be renewing my lease which has me in a bit of a panic. See being an adult with a progressive incurable disorder for me means any way I can help make my life more predictable the better, a lease for my home, auto bill pay. Auto deposit.Ect Anything I can do to keep my stress levels down as it is “Stress” and multitasking that are the two largest factors that contribute to a “Good Day” meaning functional in the ability to feed,bath,clothe and be responsible for my actions with a clear head. Or a “Bad Day” in which one or multple of the things mentioned previously I require help with. Right then it’s taken me three days just to get this far so I’m going to save real quick. Okay, so cancer life. The visual tumors are gone . I’ve been told that they hoped the cisplatin treatments killed the tiny spots on my lung and after my body has some time to heal, a total of 90 days after the treatments have stopped. I’m feeling like life has really been testing my everything. From my faith in my family and friends to my beliefs of what those titles mean and the behavior of those people should have and how much I’m willing to give as a friend right now. Some things happened during and after my treatment that really hurt my feelings. Yep as a grown ass man and it really really has made me rethink who,how and where  going to share my life with. So yes basically with cancer nobody knows. I have my 1 month post treatment visit Feb 23rd.  Anyhow I’m rambling so off to catnap time. I hope you know that you’re loved.

 “No matter where you are or what you’re doing.”

Benjamin ~ 2017.                “A life in progress”

Yep, it’s me currently(yesterday) and unedited. 

16 thoughts on “Welcome to the club.. Cancer, Parkinson’s and life updates.

  1. Will do Reiki tomorrow for you. I may be really off but you sound at peace. And you ARE looking better! I wouldn’t have the courage to go through what you went through. I have lost both parents and two friends to cancer. They were miserable although one friend and I had a great visit when she was in between treatments. But I have one friend now who just went through radiation and chemo and two surgeries for colon cancer and it looks like he’ll pull through. You could, too. I pray you do. Peace and a big hug, Ellen P.S. Ms. K sounds like class A trouble.

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    • I’m sorry for your loss and do pray that your friend recovers with great speed. Thank you for your kindness; and yes I’ve made wiser choices than Ms.K in my life. Live, forgive and learn. Hopefully to love again in this life. Best wishes my friend. I hope your world is calm today.

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    • It still feels like im caught in the tornado but I do feel as though my oath is more clear. I most heal myself and to do so I have to do what’s right for me and truly just for me. It’s scary yet liberating all at once.


  2. Hello Benjamin. Well if your picture is anything to go by, you look a lot better (and dare I say younger) than you have for a while. It’s obviously been quite a watershed moment for you the last 18 months. I hope you will be all the better for it. Take care, Kate x

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    • I’ve learned more than I could have ever thought possible about myself and human nature over the last few years. This last experience that really I’m still in until I get the five year all clear has been transformative. I’m humbled by people’s cruelty and kindness. I’ve learned that in life I actually need very little to be happy and I’m looking forward to putting myself into a safe, nurturing and hopefully creative place. .my Parkinson’s has taken a hit from the cancer and fighting the fatigue from the radiation is intense, im very looking forward to a peaceful life.
      Always Benjamin

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