Oops :( 

So we’ve all had those moments where as artists and thinkers we have been focusing so long that sometimes we forget to save our work. I’d like to blame PD but that would be unfair. I had originally done a very elegant piece on Valentine’s day and checking in with everyone on what the deal is with my cancer. Well I forget to save hit edit a few to many times and maybe the page back button. That I can blame in pd  lol. So in short Happy Valentine’s day. Very unexciting about hallmark holiday for me this year.  Cancer will take far to much energy than I have right now, in short I won’t know if I still have cancer at the cellulosic level until mid to late April. The fatigue from the Radition treatment is rediculous lol I thought Parkinson’s disease fatigue was bad. Nothing compared to this. We’re talking freaking lead body suit tired. 😧😥😵

I’m at another crossroads in my life,  coming close to 50 in a few years and it bothers me a bit. The lack of security I have in my life with a progressive incurable neurological disorder. Anyhow it’s not the time to chat about life. I’m tired . 

Much love and light. May all your dreams come true.

Benjamin-2017.                   “a life in progress.”  

4 thoughts on “Oops :( 

  1. Never too late Benjamin. A friend of mine married at 55 years old. I never celebrate Valentine’s day it feels like a ‘forced’ celebration these days. It’s more like a ‘what did your other half get you for Valentines day’ comparing gifts, rather than spending quality time with someone you love. (I’ll get my coat and take my bar humbug with me :0) )

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