Given such a heart

Given such a heart.
Oh this burdensome woes echo in these chambers a third,fourth ,fifth time….. nay do these cords break further more for the souls that have forgotten or lost their minds and place.
Given such a heart as mine always feeling always hearing I’ve forgiven your foollhearted retreat as you watched me get incased the white death-mask of cancerous cruelty.
Ive forgiven you for your abandonment when Parkinson’s came to slowly wrap me in her jealous tendrils ever squeezing the motion straight from my very soul.
Given heart such as mine youll have to forgive me for forgiving you and moving on. Not in anger or shame. Not in hatered or fear, simply to move beyond what lesson youve taught or learned from me. I move forward thanking you for making a better me.
Given a heart such a heart, that is.
The end.
“A life in progress.”

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