Last day of an old life. 

As I should be in the shower lol but I find myself highly reflective at the moment. Today is last of treatment and the first day of the rest of a new life I’m building. I can’t say it will be less intense because honestly that’s not me. I’m an intense person.  I always have been and most likely always will be. But this new life I’m leading will be alot less public on Facebook and a bit more like it was wen I first started my journey of self rediscovery after my ex wife kicked me out. At least she was honest and said to my face she was done. Didn’t want to Parkinson’s disease with me. Honestly I think the whole heeding was brought on my a med sensitivity it took 5 years to find I had. But that’s neither here or there anymore.  I’m going back to my solitude that I had when I first started . This Cancer has shown me that I really don’t have the friends I thought I had and in the opposite it has shown me who my real friends are. It’s also shown me that somehow I got very off track of who I was letting in and why.  Well I’m rambling on something I’m going to journal about over the next few months so I’ll not take your time here today.  Just know for those of you whom helped me in this life ending crisis I’m forever in your debt. Please feel free to contact me personally and we can discuss how I may repay you for your kindness.  To those of you whom I will no longer have in my life. Thank you for the time we spent together and lessons you’ve taught me. I hope as your distaste for my life choices fade you remembrance me fondly.  Unilever next next life. As always.

“Be brave be bold and thrive in the life you have.”

Always, Benjamin.  2017. “A life in progress.”


9 thoughts on “Last day of an old life. 

  1. Hi B.. I’m so relieved you now put this ordeal behind you. I want to stay connected with you so please let me know where you’re going, or if privately online journal, please let me have the pw?

    Take care of YOU, dear man. And keep on top of your health needs holistically…. you mention a sensitivity, something I deal with and know it’s not easy. xxxooo

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    • Hello my friend yes for sure before I make any drastic moves I’ll be sure to give you may plan. I posted a Dream Home post I think I’m going to find a cheep place to live and save up for a down payment on one of those small homes ,find a small piece of land and settle in.

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  2. I am so happy you made it through this with your string attitude and with the end result of no tube! You will not get rid of me easy, I look forward to helping you through to healthy again. I really look forward to meeting you my next trip up there! The fun part will be watching you as you regain your strength and health and seeing your new art! Hugs my friend!


  3. Well done Benjamin. Hope the recovery from treatment is smoother and milder than of late. They do say that at really dark times you find out who your real friends are, so now you can move on and plan your new life! Sleep well Benjamin. Kate xx

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  4. I’ve been missing of late and a lot has been going on for you Benjamin. This post here shows me your perseverance, as though we didn’t see/witness before with your Parkinson’s. Bless your heart for staying true to who you are – you fought this long journey, good for you. As I write this, I’ve found out you have gone into remission – your life’s journey is a book about how to go forward, putting one step right in front of the other. No one else will do it but you ~ take care my friend.

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      • Thank you Benjamin, I think we have been following each others blog since 2012, that is a long time. Your pain, your life – talent/art, trials, triumphs and challenges, lessons and then facing life and facing death, family and friends yes, and finally it would make for a story that has a good deal of substance to it. I hope you take the opportunity to go for it.

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