7 weeks of…..

I just  wanted to share with you some photos of my adventure. 

11-05-2016 I’m diagnosed with squamous sarcomas stage 3-4 I’ve been back in my house since September after recovering from a nasty breakup with she who not be spoken of; and then recovering from my rebound of rebounds which totally ended two friendship sadly. So amongst a broken heart and head still spinning from literally just days before  being told to f-off by my lover I get Tuscan certain news .

Now that my friend group has been reduced to pretty much zero because with loosing a partner people often pick sides and apparently I’m a circle. 😦 

So in this process I find I’ve a bunch of old friends who are now people I would consider acquaintances unfortunately time will tell that story and on a equally positive note I found that I have people in my life that when it comes to real actual life or death situations that I have some amazing new/old friends just not all of the ones I thought. So in many ways as Parkinson’s disease has been both a gift and a curse I’m choosing to view this bout with cancer as both a gift and a hardship. Cancer has taught me who my true people are both friends and family. It has taught me that I am no longer afraid being alone nor am I afraid to die,at least not in the way I was. Those things as I huge universal gifts of freedom. This new life and improved version of myself will an adjustment but one I’m greatly looking forward to. So enough chit chat about heavy stuff.  Let’s look at some of the adventure. 

C~Train 2016-2017 

That my dear friends,family, supports of art and freedom everywhere was some of my adventure. I hope and pray that you or loved ones never have to go through this or anything like it. If you have been through this crazy cancer train I’m so sorry for your experience I hope you’re healed and whole again. Silly thing is I’m sitting here talking like I’m cancer free and that’s the farthest thing from the truth. Truth is nobody knows if I’m cancer free until April because we can’t P.E.T. scan again until then.  Then we’ll know the truth of what’s up with my cancer story. Until then I’m going to do exactly what I said I was going to do. Go on with my life in a more loving,compassionate and fruitful life that I had before. I’m going to heal this body, move most likely this summer since my landlord won’t renew my lease and as disabled adult the last thing I need to worry about is the uncertainty of my home base.So heal,slowly pack and move so I can save up some money and make a new life for myself somewhere. I mean that kinda seems like the next step..

So on that note who knows where I’ll end up. Great Huxlow has been calling my name as well as Eidenbourgh. Where will I end up lol. Also there are dozens of places here in the US and Canda where id live to move to.Who knows and I kinda love the excitement of not knowing ..

Cheers and much love, Benjamin 2017

“A life in progress.” 


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