Week 5 Radition and Chemotherapy wrap up. 

Hi, thanks for stopping by today. Well lets get right to it. Today marks the last day of week five of my cancer treatments. Today started with a visit to my speech pathologist whom I realized today is going to continue to be my speech pathologist as part of my normal Parkinson’s care routine.
Kind of a cool thing with that, is Salem hospital has joined with OHSU for combined care in a number of areas. Cancer and physical therapy being two that happen to be in my scope of need . So I’m going to start doing SPL and PT here in Salem post cancer. Then I’ll have my Parkinson’s neuropsychologist and main Neurologist in Portland. Anyhow blah blah lol.

Get with your story right. 😉😉 cancer update. My last radiation treatment will be January 25th. And next week will be my last chemotherapy!!! 

Before we all get excited about this advanced treatment schedule, deep breath. This is all based on a CT scan I had today that clearly indicates that my tumors have been successfully shrunk. Dr.Kang and I spoke at great length about this. 

It will be still a few months up to 3 to be exact. Before we can re-test. Apparently I have to wait ex amount of time after treatment before they can do a true P.E.T. scan and get reliable results do to treatment causing a false positive if done to soon post treatment. But today was a great day, chances are good that between my eastern and western medical combo that we’ve been able to be “higly effective” against this cancer on the whole. So yay to that, but if life with illness has taught me anything it’s to NEVER count your chickens befor they hatch. Seriously. On a closing note I’m not going to go into a great speech because honestly I’m exhausted beyond words. 

But to those of you who have been vocal in your support and to those few who could actually come and physically help me through the treatment process (healing is next) thank you. From the bottom of my limitless soul. Thank you for being a part of literally saving my life.
“A life in progress.”


25 thoughts on “Week 5 Radition and Chemotherapy wrap up. 

      • Reminder, since my mid-level melanoma returned clean edges, I did not have to go through chemo etc. BUT, statistically, they told me, this type tends to recur, and I have been clear for over 25 years now, despite a life more stressful than many – so heads up and keep the faith.

        For what it’s worth, I took my doc’s “NO more sun” advice literally. Even though I’d never been a sun bunny to begin with, I immediately began to protect myself totally and limit time outside.

        Sounds crazy I know, but other long-term cancer survivors (other types) have told me they do the same. Placebo, perhaps, but I’m passing it on anyway.

        And I’m sure your own docs have warned you that cancer loves sugar. Eat (and drink) like a diabetic – but nothing sweetened with aspartame, if it’s even legal where you are. Many countries have banned it.

        Sorry to sound like a fussy Mom – just want to express my concern and share what I’ve discovered personally.

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  1. Your welcome wish we could still be there . Make the soups their good protein. Sweet potatoes were your favorite baby food eat big jars of it and feel better. They are better than regular potatoes so my Korean friend tells me. Maybe just make your own I know how your Zen diets ae as opposed to processed in jars. Just boil them with the skins ontil soft and use your Bullet. Love you

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  2. Fantastic! But this is such good news. You must be exhausted but you must all be proud of yourself for what you went through. May God continue to bless you with healing. You have my prayers and Reiki when I can. Bug hugs, Ellen

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