“Your Life is Your life: Go all the way – Charles Bukowski” 

Happy Sunday.  It feels like it’s been a while since I’ve said hello. 1/2 way through my treatments and I’m feeling alive. I’d like to say amazing but thaw a bit of a stretch lol. The Radition burns are serious but manageable. So far I’ve been luck and only really nauseous when I first wake which makes starting each day and new adventure to say least, 😷😝😷 but over all the doctors are amazed at the tumor shrinkage. In the doctors words no mine, if head had just seen me today he wouldn’t have guessed it had cancer. So wow right. He said it’s rare but some people the treatment is “Highly Effective” on . Still have 3 weeks to go and lots of random little cancer cells to kill so stay tuned for more adventures from the C-Train as we roll towards the final leg of our tour. And here’s some Art, 

Still a work in progress but coming along nicely. The canvas is 8×10″ very small for what I’m used to but I’m finding I can paint these small pieces from my sick bed and still feel they have enough mass to have content. No offence to tiny art. Some of my best friends art tiny artists 😉 

I hope you’ve been well and life has been kind. Please know that wherever you are and whatever you’re doing know that you’re loved. 


Benjamin ~2017

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