Week 4 day 2

Here I find myself in these predawn, pre-treatment hours of the morning, gathering my strength of heart and soul. Spending the first four hours of the day controlling my nausea from the chemotherapy. 
Today my body and mind are tired a bit more than usual but probably not off course for treatment expectations. Ive third degree radiation burns on most of my throat and uvula at this stage making eating either an act of valour or an impossibility at times.Though I’m finding cancer treatment is about listening to my body and ridding it of the dead cancer and regular dead cells killed by the treatments. Flushing out the bad stuff.
Anyhow that’s about it this morning a little more sleep before the laser guns start zapping.
As always. “Be brave be bold and thrive in the life you have.”
“A life in progress.”


6 thoughts on “Week 4 day 2

  1. Ten years ago I fought Hotchkins Disease near my throat ((&throughout)
    I feel for yr artist-in-the-fist of a dire dilemma status
    Right on & write on/ and continued strength. g.r.

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    • Thank you my friend, im really trying to use this time of healing as just that. Not only from the cancer and it’s treatments but from my perceptions of my life events over the last few years.


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