Week 4 day 1

Good morning and happy Tuesdays. Here we are at the beginning of week 4, I’ve officially lost my beard to chemotherapy.  Friday after pondering life I looked down to find myself with a handful grey beard hair. I must admitt I was a little bummed about it but its hair it’ll grow back.
So far this adventure has been an very humbling experience,  not like fun or recommended but I’m in a good head space I’m confident in who I am and what I have to bring to this world. I’m not going to let cancer stop me. At one point just very recently in my life I was traveling  and painting world wide spreading a message of love,peace,compassion and kindness. I will as I promise to my son and myself be than man again. I promised myself when I was first DX with Parkinson’s disease that I would become a living great American Abstract expressionism painter and writer. Anyhow my Mom and Aunt Cyndee are here from Nevada to help see me through week four. Im so thankful for their presence here.

Well my friends im goingbto get a few more hrs of sleep before treatment. I hope the day is kind to you and you to it.

Much love and light.
Benjamin ~2017
“A life in progress.”

Ps,sorry for the ramble, I’m a little nervous about this week and I’m not really feeling super great today. 😦


14 thoughts on “Week 4 day 1

  1. Hi Benjamin, when I read this, I felt a sense of calm from you. I know what you’re going through is very difficult, but your strength is shown here and evident in how positive your spirit is. Thinking positive thoughts for you 🙂

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  2. You’re an inspiration, Benjamin! I hope you can paint again but right now you are living your life as a masterpiece, just in your exemplary attitude.
    Glad that Mum and Auntie are coming. Sending love and prayers and Reiki as can,

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