Venus and child 

​Venere, proteggere questi bambini. Per emmence le cose in piccolo formato

First art of the year, ink on hand made paper. I’ve been having energy issues trying to find my balance between treating cancer and living with Parkinson’s disease. My heart craves to go stand in my studio and paint but sadly and in a very humbling way I don’t have the energy to stand and paint. But on a great news these small drawings I can do for days as I’ve a ton of these small frames and papers. 

Well that’s my energy for most of this morning,  I made a lovely rice pudding with apples and raisins, lots of cinnamon and brown sugar.  Turned out super yummy . ~~long break in time 2 hrs~~

Yes I have to write these in stages . Going forward, im at loss of how to spend my energy dollars today. Shower is first on the list. Then I’d like to walk the neighborhood because it’s such a beautiful day. I’m sick from cancer and my Parkinson’s has been impacted because of the stress the whole cancer process and I’m literally coming off next to my divorce the biggest wtf relationship f-up of ever.!!!lol. Oh my f the drama and horrible shit. But honestly I digress compared to what I’m facing nothing else besides beating cancer seems important. Sorry not sorry it just sounds so greedy to think and say.  To fight for my life and ask the universe for forgiveness like I matter more than any other dying human body seems greedy and self centered. I don’t know what to say, …

These drawings remind me of my favorite artists Picasso, Miro simple emotive lines that are deeply titled to express their point. I find Italian the best language to title this piece with because it feels in the mouth say it. Once you can say it, then feel it when it when you speak it like prayer.

Okay.  I need to shower. Much love on this day. Always. Benjamin. 

3 thoughts on “Venus and child 

  1. I wish I was as good at expressing myself as you are. You bring me to tears sometimes with you introspection and strength of character. Yep, somewhere in a younger life I would love you unconditionally differently than my love for you right now. I think we’ve got this. Unfortunately, you are the one fighting the war against the monster! Know you are loved

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