Ode to a friend

Tonight the universe reclaimed one of its own. A carer of carers. Mom, mother, wife and friend. 

As i struggle to fight for the life i have left another soul of a dear friend and carer to me has lost her mother to cancers. I wrote in a text between her and i earlier this evening some words similar to these. I hope she and others find comfort in life as we change in these changing times. 

As we in this life carry the burden of those who’ve passed before us , we in turn by carrying them with us take them to places their bodies could no longer join them. 

With that I’m so tearful with great joy that this soul who needed to be free has found home. Though i grieve because I too am human and understand to greatly the loss one feels one feels when a parent passes. I too carry the burden of those whom live with that i leave words for heart,hope,healing and happiness. 

A simple prayer. accipite hanc animam, ut aperiantur portæ caelo telluris liber iudicatus

~accept this soul as she has been judged on earth to be free


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