In the smallest moment 

In the smallest moment, in the blink of an eye everything can change.
The way we see colors, taste food, feel human touch…. all these things faster than you can remember to breath can change……
Think about that for a second… i mean really, im not talking about earth shattering changes here ppl. If i wanted to do that id hold up a mirror and write my memoirs. My life has been a series of sad ending short stories starting with my birth.(No offense mom,not your fault ily)
No here id like us all to think a bit more simply and yes im slowly teaching you something so pay attention. Imagine that you no longer can taste your favorite food. Simply you wake to find you’ve no taste. .. the slightest hint of smell but only 1/1000 time,do you have them at the same time to actually create the sensation of taste…… simple things changing can have a huge impact on the quality of a life. Things to think bout when we open a door for a stranger, or smile and wave on the impatient motorist. You and i do not know anyones story besides our own. period. So in this, my time of thinking and listening to the house creak from the storm outside id like to remind us all to be more kind to each other, to take the 2 seconds it takes to think “what if” what if that was me or my daughter. What if that was my mom and brother. So however you take it with cream and sugar or piss and vinegar. Be kind, be more understanding and most of all show love to yourself and those you touch. Life changes and even the little things matter more than you know.

Benjamin. 2016
“A life in progress”

Ps . yes I said more understanding because obviously by the state of our world we all could be more kind to one another .

Namaste. B.

8 thoughts on “In the smallest moment 

  1. You are absolutely correct Benjamin! I say those words all the time… “What if that was my child or my parent”. Your wisdom is still intense and you’re dead on target. I know your path is far from what you would have chosen yourself if given the choice, but you have always handled it with grace and courage, sharing your acquired wisdom along the way. ((Hugs)). Sending blessings your way my friend🙏🏻

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