Day 4 what’s in store. C-train 

Well good morning beautiful glad you could join me today shall I get you some coffee. Sweet with cream if I remember correctly. The sugar first right? It’s the details that we remember about our lives that matter.  

Day four of kicking cancers ass . It’s getting very real. I’d be lying if I said otherwise.  I can feel the chemo poison in me I can feel the radiation coursing through the tumors as the laser gun circles my bound head and neck. Today and most days going forward it’s going to get more hard as we go. I refuse to let this cancer defeat me. The radiation is increasing or causing it’s own fatigue as well as giving me a nice internal suntan. It is officially tricky to swallow.  The chemotherapy which I did not enjoy the feeling of is well its own special brand of hell. It’s so strange to me that we line up to have this poison injected willingly all to see another day. But hell I’m in line as well so no complaining right. Today is Friday and I have a new reason to love Fridays. It’s the weekend again. See being retired the day of   week loses most of its meaning, at least for me it did. But cancer is a m-f gig with a dbl shift on Wednesdays 😲 but I view this as world and universe saying to me the I need to take time to heal from my wounds over the last 5 years. Sure it’s been an adventure, but there has been so much heartache it’s almost unbearable. I find myself truly at a lose for words at times when I think of the past.  honestly I’m trying not to it’s way to painful and cancer doesn’t give a shit about my passed, yours or anyones, it just wants to eat us 😦 

We’ll I’ve got to get ready for another day, day four of 26-31 more to go. Much love and light to all of you. Happy Friday and may the world be kind to you and you to it. 

B 2026 “A life in progress.”

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