Day 2 done…… 28 more to go. And okay….

Hi.. Thanks for tuning into what will eventually be simply called 
B. Takes the C-train.

Just the cancer section 《just to be clear》
I think it’s funny and kinda cute, not like teddy bear or fluffy bunny. 

More like a pink razor blade or paisley chainsaw. 👺👹👺👻  and yes isn’t that damn bunny cute. 

So far I have to say that radiation and chemo therapy are my least favorite things I’ve done. Except divorce, my divorce sucked ballz. But thats another chapter of another book.

Today was day 2 of the C-train. I figured it wasn’t going to be cool or fun anything besides that lol. Today was an eye opener.  But the fact that I get to joke and laugh with some pretty fun and interesting people is really cool. 

Today I had my second full session of radiation therapy and my first full session of chemotherapy. They gave me an antinausea med during the chemotherapy which worked until about four hours after the treatment and then of course I felt the full of the effects of chemohellfire, no that doesn’t sound right lol I’ll post a picture of it . 

Honestly I’m having a hard time imagining what 30 – 35 treatments of radiation therapy is going to feel like. That’s two months of radiation and 6-8 sessions of chemotherapy and considering how I feel right this second in time 

I have to say I can’t fathom what this is really going to be like. Hell maybe. .? Honestly I’m not sure… anyhow I’m completely losing focus and should be asleep but I’m nervous and kinda in pain ,squirreling lol.

Right then time to sleep. Much love and light to all of you and to all of you Goodnight. 

B . 2016 

A life in progress. 

9 thoughts on “Day 2 done…… 28 more to go. And okay….

  1. Haha have no idea what the Love shack has to do with yr story but it’s a great song so I’ll go with yr flow. My mom did same as you and she told me it truly sucked donkey balls. Never tried sucking donkey balls but I got the picture alright 😆

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