At Peace..

I’ve come to your side again my Queen except this time your not here and I travel this road alone perhaps I will you find you another time or perhaps not. Tis not my concern anymore. 

I’ve seen calm in the flames and have excepted my fates. I will walk with dignity and love down either path life has chosen for me. I will speak with truth and passion. I will write and paint as if each day is the last time I’ll ever love again .

For I have seen the face of the devil and slept with angels by my side all my life, but here, here and now I will become something you’ve never seen. If you’ve ever felt the touch of my words upon the softness of your heart you know these things to be true….

I will move through this like the wind meets a mountain, in silence and peace, with understanding and grace. I will do my time for the wrongs life has seen fit to punish me for and I will rebuild my castle of giving with bricks built of strength not fear. Built from honor not desperation. The man my grandmother taught me to be has been hiding in fear and shame long enough. 

If i can forgive and eat all of your sins then I can forgive mine as well. In this I give nothing I ask nothing and simply will face each day with open arms and anticipation of the next event in this life I have. I’ve been blessed in this life, I’ve worked, known love,family,home,travel, art,music and theater all in great detail. I’ve had great wealth and great poverty, the emotional joy of a witnessing the birth of a child and I’ve buried a father.

Now I’m finding my own way. I don’t need and now I’m learning what it is to not want but to simply just be. May you in your life know the true gifts of this life. May know when to hold onto and let go of love and may you be wise enough to know the difference.
Always. B.
“A life in progress”

3 thoughts on “At Peace..

  1. So touches my heart , I’m with you always if not in the physically presence of being by your side when you were a darling child growing up but in my soul and my heart as before and as always. I love you more. This is so beautifully put. You always have been creative in prose and poem and words always so sweet from your lips.

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