The night is hardest ~ dark

The silence echoes across the landscape of this heart… The nights are more cold… A little more dark than before… This seed sprouts in spurts and it hurts…..sometimes.
Like whips and lashes in silence and slashes… Nothing hurts more than dots and dashes…
Empty eyes view the night skys as these hollow man bleeds to death. Such a sad story about a boy and his dog ……except the boy always losses the dog in the end.
And laser beams really do kill…..I wonder what pill that rabbit would take if it had half a heart and less of a lions pride.
Kings kill babies and make slaves of poets in a mind filled with fluff’ stuff and peanut butter chocolate ice cream. Such bittersweet tooth fairy tale fantasy of demon babies, kittens and a princess or two…broken promises and broken hearts make for broken people and broken dreams.
The end.

B~it’s the night…
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3 thoughts on “The night is hardest ~ dark

  1. Your thoughts are real and valid. Nothing hurts me more than to know someone is or feels alone on this journey….here from a distance is the best can do. Some people will never understand until they are touched personally.

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  2. Totally normal and understandable emotions. I pray you have the right person come into your life to be by your side in the toughest timed…in the meantime I see you keeping busy…good thing!

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