K. I. S. S. 

In my heart I could write a thousand words but this bodies failure is mine. 

Short and simple today.  First Art:

Here is another piece not shown elsewhere,  it’s in an early stages of development so no judgment 

There are many things going on here that I’ve not the energy to discuss. Today here at home it’s about three things paint, food and sleep. In short healing. I’ve cut or let walk away all sources of disappointment and confusion and stress in my life.  I’ve simplified my personal relationships made my apologies and said my good byes. Besides not having the time and energy to fix up the house a bit more,  I’m as ready as I can be for this next adventure. 

For those of you who are here thank you,  I am truly sorry that you have to watch this lol.  Not that you have to but that you do.  Thank you for your love, kindness, support and guidance over the years.  This next step is by far the most significant one I’ve ever taken. Be well and know that you’re loved always. 

Benjamin. 2016                    “a life in progress” 

*I don’t know what tomorrow brings but I’ll be there soon to find out. B, 2016. 

14 thoughts on “K. I. S. S. 

  1. Hi B–loving your work here. it’s very tender, coming from a tender place methinks. i hold you close in my heart, reading your posts in my email. not often i get around to comment anymore but wanted to stop by just to say take care of you, the rest will follow. and realize that thru this medium, you touch many more who reach out to you via the ethers. all of our hearts are with you. xo

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  2. Oh my gosh Ben so powerful a “Blue October ” I thought you were shaving your head when I watched it.. Very guttural music and lyrics all about a little boy we both know and love ,,make that 2 boys. xxoo

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