A day of rest….

Hello and welcomed I don’t really have to much to say. I’m sad for the things that happened and are happening in my lifetime but what can I do right?
I don’t know, today I’m tired and bones hurt. My hips don’t even want me up long enough to do the dishes lol. Bummer. So I’m laying at home stretching like always and pondering what’s next. Dishes or naps, maybe a little of both.☕️
Well I’m fading fast so I’ve gotta rest and heal up.! Eat Super Bowl
A life in progress


6 thoughts on “A day of rest….

  1. Hang in there Benjamin! I deal with several things besides MS, and many other things! Life is an adventure for all of us, full of up and down moments. I usually read His word and talk to him…healing always appears with its peace. Love you my brother! God bless!

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