Things. Big, small and in between. 

When things get tough the tough get tougher. Now I truly understand.  The stiffness and pain in my body, the lag in my brain. The loneliness of this life are worth baring given the forced choice of cancer.  I’ve learned that I have a limit to what I thought was unlimited  patients and I’ve used the line in the sand thought and said no more bs to a few ppl in my life lately for better or worse it doesn’t really matter to me at this point honestly. Cancer has made it very very obvious to me where my life calls me and where the ppl are that appreciate and truly love me in this world and sadly I don’t feel it’s here in Salem. It doesn’t seem to be the palace for me. 

My neuropsychologist has suggested I really take a close look at what I want in my life.  All of my doctors have actually. I’m not very good at that these though lol.  #Kingofbadchoices After Marianne and my marriage ended.  I dated kinda,  made some choices and came back “home”  to salem to be near my son and date katelyn. Fast forward to know and… lol 😁 and life’s a joke. 

 Katelyn fucks me over again, I’m an idiot. Such a fool I fell for that shit hook like and sinker. Lost a best friend in the process of trying to honor everyone, myself including and well we all know how round two ended lol. So I figure once cancers ass is kicked I’m out. Moving somewhere. Period, near water, on water states, Canada, UK,  I don’t care for this life here. If I’m going to know and see nobody then I’m going to do it a place of my choosing. I’ll paint, sleep, eat, write,  live and have PD,  do the same thing I do everyday here except I’ll do it with a new perspective on literally everything.

 My pet scan is the 29th and after that I’ll know what there is to know. Much love and light to all. I hope life has been kind to you and you to it. 

Always. B. 

A life in progress 

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