“Schubert – Ave Maria” on YouTube

Good morning 🌞 I love you all very much and will be in touch as soon and as much as possible. Today is kind of my last “normal” day before treatment and I’ve a ton of stuff to do with the house. Personal normal day to day stuff. But the PD makes it harder and slower so focus is my friend today. For those that want to stay in direct contact please email @ bmprewitt@comcast.net and I can give you my cell.  I’m on FB and Instagram and my twitter is bmp503art. Though the point is I’ll not be on most of those places. I’m not sure to be honest of the outcome of this next adventure. I know the science and statistics. I  have my faith, hope and family behind me. I’m more focused on the job of kicking cancer out of this human body than anything else   so please forgive 🙏 if I seem distant though I will try my hardest to stay in touch and share this adventure as well. 

All my love and light to those in need.” If my struggle can give hope to yours then take of me as you need for this vessel is not mine but here to share in its wealth to all that need.”

Benjamin M Prewitt 2016.

4 thoughts on “ “Schubert – Ave Maria” on YouTube

  1. My my positive thoughts go out to you, I’m not a religious person Benjamin, but I am wishing a speedy treatment and recovery. Thank you for the beautiful Ava Maria.

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