Getting ready

Hello it’s nice to see you today I’ve not been sleeping well so the place is a bit of a mess but your welcome to come on in. Here lets have some tunes while we take a look at what adventures this week has in store for us

The day I’m writing this is Sunday 11/20 I think. Had bad news today from an old friend but life carries on right. What’s the saying “Not all that start this journey with you shall be the ones to finish it with you.” and you know what… That’s okay as an empathetic person I know the stress it can cause to watch someone go through something like this. Then to add on top that when I kick this cancer to the curb I don’t go back to healthy strapping young lad.. I go to some new form of Benjamin with Parkinson’s disease. So really no harm no foul. Sure I might think this person is a waste of human garbage right now but I know that those are just emotional reactions to a very real life situation and it’s okay on both sides. Nobody is right or wrong it just is. And in the scheme of life through cancers lenses not all relationships are worth the price regardless of love loss or not. I’m in a place where I’m literally fighting for my life as I see it and there are going to be those that will be in it and those that will not. Sadly that bus has left the station and radiation and pet scan are the next stop. There will be no stopping for broken relationships and hesitation. My hand is out and I’ll take every last hand,shoulder,leg,😉😉 to cry on that wants to hop on this train wreck with me,because lord knows I’m going to need it. But seriously now isn’t the time to doubt or self hesitation nor is it the time for me either.Now is the time where I dawn as much strength as possible and look death and cancer straight in the fucking face and say NO, NOT RIGHT NOW. IM KINDA BUSY LIVING. So to those of you who have never left. My side. You are my miracles and my family. You are the light and strength that keep me strong. With all that I am, with trembling hands and lucid mind I’m forevermore in your debt.
Please remember to always ” Be brave,be bold and thrive in the life you have.” You never know when things will change.
Benjamin 2016
A life on display


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