Angels wings and Ribbons 

There are no more of these left I fear
the devil has taken them away…locked in a room
so far down in hell Dante fear not to tread.
i like a sicking stone have found my way to bottom
of the bottemless pit that is my soul and found nothing.

nothing but the darkness and isolation of my personal hell.
trapped in abody and mind not always under my own control
given a curse of gemini duality causing analytical hell to an artist heart. ive reached the end i can see the glimmering thread of lifes pulse burning brightly in the night sky.
i feel the cold of winters change coming to embrace the day. as ive come to know it.

fear of life over fear of death is the hardest choice a dying man can face. facing the fears of ones self or facing the fears of watching those  you love watching you leave them….. is heart breaking in the least. Let no river run dry of hope for a brighter days. Give me strength in this darkest of knights to carry this burden on broken wings and rusted sword. These bones ache from the inside out yet I fight, I fight on my knees and crawl screaming to my death for I will not fucking go gently into the night….

The end….. For now…

*Seriously pissed off about cancer and Parkinson’s disease.

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