Fear is near, here or there. Contemplation everywhere.. 

Today is the beginning
Or continue if you prefer
The fear come faster on this day
A day of reckoning of sorts.
Today I raise my glass heart and
Open soul to the universe in hope
Of forgiveness for my sins.
In hopes that there is value to the rest of my life and that science and faith see fit to keep me here a while more.
Today is science and a day of the deepest heartache of my life. I have to share this burden with my son. My one true of true on this planet. I have with honor and disregard of self for 17 years given my life for this human and would gladly lay down my life for his. Without question or hesitation. For he is my son. Anyhow much love and thanks for all of your support,kindness and love. I literally wouldn’t have made it this far without a number of you. Thank you for showing me that my life has value. Truly and deeply. There is so much of my life I don’t share, shocking 😂😂😂 I know lol, but true. So again. Thank you.
“A life in progress.”

7 thoughts on “Fear is near, here or there. Contemplation everywhere.. 

    • Thank you, I’m horrified. It was so hard telling him his mother and I were divorcing and then Parkinson’s and this. My poor son I hate to put him through this. All I ever wanted out of life was the stable family I never had.


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