With a voice rougher than mine. 

In that small space between right and wrong. Where the darkest edge of the darkest night licks quietly at the heels of loves regret. 

That’s where the calm begins to take over. Where the stillness of the dark lake becomes fearful like the darkness looking back.. As the tremors and waves of nausea scream from the end of your feet like white hot lighting raging on its course as if my brains fire.

Then nothing… A pit in the center of my stomach and minds eye ingest the future, past and present. Every leaf turned twisted, photoed and flipped. No stone unturned as you realize… That was the last snap of Gods teather to mankind and the demons are set forth upon the lands. . 

I pray that in graceful time these angels wings will sprout a new and regain the strength of your hearts heart and soul of the wolf you once have known. Heavens gate must rest easy knowing their gift still has earthly duties and a soulful song to sing. 

Rest easy in these Knight prior to the fire that comes from the chemical burn of science and sinners. But I’ll breath again life into these golden wings and stand forever and a day by your side. With this grace of paint and prose. Good night… To all the owls and ravens, foxs two. Might as well hug a bear and rabbit or too. All of the rest are bid adieu. 

The end. 

Benjamin 2016
“a life in progress.”

2 thoughts on “With a voice rougher than mine. 

  1. Such beautiful words that come from your heart and soul, such pain and agony such rhyme and prose.You are a miracle born my sweet, never forgoet that and how much I love you.God’s precious child the world has done this to you not your heavenly Father , he weeps for the lost and wishes that no man should perish but come to him. There is a better day. Alas you already know this.

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