Happy 5th you sexy beast.. 

*this post was auto set for 11/7 at 7:11am 

It’s been 5 years now since my diagnosis with Parkinson’s disease. Since this was a pre-schedualed post I’m not even sure if I’m still here lol. I hope so, I like life. No so much mine but I like living, being awake is good.  Anyway it’s been 5years with this lovely disease.  So far pretty much everything has gone wrong but in hindsight I guess it had no other way of going since nobody new of the knowing of that which Parkinson’s disease. At first I thought it was all about tremor, then I found out about the cognitive stuff and wow that was a surprise. In my forties and thinking slowly like a 99 year old grandpa, easily flustered and confused. Lol. Such a freaking nightmare for me if you know my background of business and public service. Then there’s the stiffness, as an example runner and football dude in my youth and a person whom took Akido for twenty years. The stiffness from my worst pulled or torn muscle doesn’t even begin to express the stiffness of Parkinson’s. Anyhow if I’m still here when this posts I’ll be able to elaborate on the topic. 

Always B. “a life in progress” 

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